School Events
•  2nd grade Panoply trip sponsored by Three Arts
CAREing Paws R.E.A.D.   
Brownwood would like to say THANK YOU to the Careing Paws group for coming to our school!! 

Funding Factory   
A BIG thank you to all of those sending in empty ink cartridges, old cell phones, and other electronics!!  I sent 8 big...

Flag Leaders   
Students at Brownwood learning the proper way to fold the flag.

INow Parent Portal   
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Thank You Mrs. Pat Blankenship!!   
The Brownwood Staff would like to thank  Mrs. Pat Blankenship for hosting our "Sharpen the Saw" retreat this summer. ...

The Funding Factory   
The Funding Factory will help keep unwanted items out of our landfills and will generate funds for our library. Brownwood Elementary...

Parent Volunteer Opportunities   
The teachers at Brownwood are always grateful to have help in and out of the classroom.  Teachers stay extremely busy,...

Coke Rewards   
Help our school earn points for art supplies, sports equipment, and much more.  With coke rewards, all you have to...

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Remind 101   
What is remind 101?

Purpose "The purpose of Scottsboro City Schools is to maximize the learning of all students."

Mission Statement   
Mission Our mission is to ensure quality learning by providing students with opportunities and resources to achieve academic...

 Beliefs · All students can achieve their potential if provided with   appropriate opportunities.·...